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Magnesium Belly Oil

Magnesium Belly Oil

Proven formulas for incredible results.

✨ 99 Benefits in 1 Spray!

🌱 2X More Effective Than Capsules

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A Modern Take on Ancient Wisdom!

     ✅ No side effects or upset stomach

     ✅ Fast-acting + deep absorption

     ✅ All Natural Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Citrate, and Epsom Salt

A Winning Combo!

Our powerful and unique combination provide the deepest and most effective absorption of Magnesium and Castor Oil for your body.

Unfortunately, most of us don't get enough Magnesium from today's food sources and a supplement is needed to get our levels where they should be. Magnesium is attributed to over 300 functions performed in the body. It helps with increased energy levels, reduced muscle soreness, reduces anxiousness, and also provides a greater sense of calm and well-being.

The Science Behind Belly Oil

Applying oil through the belly button can penetrate the oils throughout the body within seconds, releasing all three magnesium ingredients. This allows the magnesium to penetrate directly to your cells, bypassing the digestive system. Plus, you also get the benefits of Castor oil which can help with pain, digestion, hair growth, detoxification, and improved sleep. 

To use: apply a drop or two of belly oil into your belly button daily and massage in.

Pro tip: try applying while laying down!

Our belly oil comes in 4 different variations:

Cool: Healing with a minty scent.

Ingredients: castor oil, Almond Oil, MCT, epsom salt, magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate, wintergreen, peppermint, lavender.

Light: Calming with a light scent.

Ingredients: castor oil, Almond Oil, MCT, epsom salt, magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate, lemon, lavender, bergamot, amber.

Sweet: Uplifting with a sweet scent.

Ingredients: castor oil, Almond Oil, MCT, epsom salt, magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate, grapefruit, bergamot, watermelon, amber.

Wild Yam- Balancing with a soothing scent

Balances hormones and menopause issues like: hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability * Do not use if you are pregnant, have cancer, or have a bleeding disorder 

Ingredients: Castor oil, MCT, sweet almond, wild yam, milk thistle, lavender, frankincense, clary sage, and Ylang Ylang 

Like all of our products, our Magnesium Spray is HANDMADE in Texas, USA. It is 100% NATURAL and good for you! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No Crap In It products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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  • Gluten Free

  • Free of big 8 food allergens

  • Lactose free

  • Non-GMO


    Customer Reviews

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    Deanna Andrews

    Magnesium Belly Oil

    Angelle Nesbitt

    Works great. Thanks

    Rebecca Klein

    Magnesium Belly Oil

    Margaret Stoker
    Good stuff

    I put belly oil on every night before bed. It seems to really help. I feel like I’m relaxed and sleep better.

    Starla Peddy

    Everything is great am sleeping better