Why I Created No Crap In It

I have always been a fan of natural products but it was hard to find anything that was pure on the market.  I would read the back of labels that said "all natural" or "organic". Some of the ingredients would freak me out so I set out to create a brand that was 100% ALL NATURAL... 100% GOOD FOR YOU.  I knew all natural was better but I had NO CLUE how well it truly affected the body.

I am a researcher by nature.  I am passionate about knowing each ingredient that goes into everything we create.  Therefore, countless hours go into perfecting each product. It's amazing how wonderful the raw ingredients of the earth can heal and care for the body.

If you have ever used my products you know exactly what I'm talking about.  I love that I have been able to benefit so many lives with my creations. I look forward to decades to come of changing peoples lives one product at a time.

Thanks for reading my story. Now go buy something! 


Feather Blake