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Welcome Athletes!

We are enthusiasts for living a life to the fullest. We stand for health and optimization naturally. We are proud to support the amazing athletes of the MS150 and The Texas Ironman. We welcome you all to shop from our premier Athletic Collection and enjoy 20% off. You are inspiring and we hope you will allow us to help you in your athletic journey!

All Race Athletes Get 20% Off!

We want to celebrate your achievement and also help you recover! Get 20% off with code: RACE20

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Perform Your Best, Any Sport

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Why Athletes Choose Us?

What we put into and onto our bodies will have a short term and long term impact. We believe that athletes can reach optimum performance without the risk of chemicals or toxins. With our 8 year history or providing superior supplements and products to athletes, the reviews and evidince speaks for itself. No Crap In It is the way to go.

Special Athlete Collection

Whether you are looking for a boost of energy, relief from pain, a premium recovery tool or even recovery from a "bit too much sun", We provide superior performance products without any fake ingredients. 

Check out the Athlete Collection
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Recover - Anti-Inflammatory Magic

Pain is inflammation. Our bodies do not perform well when we experience inflammation of any kind. With natural ingredients, we are able to reduce inflammation and get back to 100%. Whether soreness from a workout, an injury, or something that has been "lingering". Give this a try and watch how you can RECOVER naturally.

Revive - Shilajit & Seamoss in One!

Shilajit and Seamoss have become known for being the "Wonder Products". Feeling younger, healthier, more "vibrant", and energetic. We have put these two SUPER SUPPLEMENTS in one product so you can experience vitality like never before with just 1 capsule daily.

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Magnesium Spray - Fast Absorption

Its no secret that we are Magnessium deficient. Our bodies crave it for peak performance and health. With this spray, your body can absorb magnesium in a more efficient way than taking pills and it also works on local "issues". Not to mention is smells great too. This is the fastest improvement you will feel.

Intense Spray - Spray On, Pain Off

Get rid of the menthol smelling, greasy smearing rub on products from the grocery store. Your muscle aches can melt away naturally with this BEST SELLING spray. A small amount sprayed onto any achy muscle and you'll see what this has been our #1 product for athletes for over 5 years. Nothing Beats it! (Also available in a Balm)

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