Detox (Super Vitamin)
Detox (Super Vitamin)

Detox (Super Vitamin)

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DETOX (Super Vitamin) One months supply
💥 Clean ENERGY
 - HORMONE Balance
🌱 DETOXIFICATION of entire body
🍄 IMMUNE Boost
- MENTAL Clarity
- Improved SLEEP
and much much more...

Ingredients: Organic Spirulina, Organic Matcha, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal 

Organic Spirulina- most nutrient dense food in the world, boosts immune system, purifies liver, removes toxins from blood, fights cancer, lowers blood pressure, helps with anemia, improves endurance, boosts energy, controls blood sugar

Organic Matcha- best green tea, abundance of antioxidants to regenerate skin faster, ECG- which prevents cancer, calm energy, enhances memory and concentration, burns fat 4xs faster than normal, full body detox, strengthens immune

Organic Wheat Grass- Most alkaline food, high in chlorophyll, natural liver cleanser, boosts energy, oxygenates body, boosts metabolism, rebuilds blood, balances hormones, rebuilds damaged tissue, detoxifies heavy metals, regulates blood sugar, prevents tooth decay, fights eczema, improves digestion, improves sleep, improves feeling of wellbeing

Activated Organic Coconut Shell Charcoal- removes toxins from body and organs, skin purification, helps with digestion, treats hangovers.



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Detox (Super Vitamin)