Heavy Metals in our Systems

I truly believe heavy metals in our system is what is causing so many of our current physical issues. Here are some symptoms: 🚫Chronic joint aches & pains 🚫Dehydration 🚫Anemia 🚫Brain fog 🚫Chronic fatigue 🚫Dry cracked skin 🚫Nausea and Dizziness 🚫Vitamin and mineral deficiencies 🚫Constant headaches/migraines 🚫Depression And Anxiety 🚫Mood swings 🚫Gastrointestinal issues 🚫Numbness, tingling & paralysis 🚫High or Low blood pressure 🚫Autoimmunity 🚫 and so many more issues Heavy metals are found on the ground we walk on, water, food especially processed foods, cleaning supplies, skin care/makeup products, air we breathe, etc. Some of the heavy metals that can make their way into your body include: 🆘Aluminum 🆘Arsenic 🆘Cadmium 🆘Lead 🆘Mercury No Crap In it Super Vitamins that can help remove heavy metals: ✅Detox ✅Fatigue ✅T-builder ✅Cleanse ✅Kidney and liver ✅Anti-inflammatory ✅Cheerful ✅De-bloat ✅Immune booster www.NoCrapInIt.com

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